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Kumkumadi Cleanser Natural Face Wash

Kumkumadi cleanser face wash has 16 herbs along with Essential Oils such as Saffron & Vetiver, Verbascum thapsus flower with Aloe vera, Shea kokum butter and a combination of vitamin complex (A,C, E & F) helps to cleanse the skin & Imparts instant glow, shin and brightness.

  • ·Passion Indulge offers pure and natural kumkumadi oil or kumkumadi tailam based natural face cleanser gel based, withaloe vera

    ·made using, traditional ayurvedic recipe of 16 herbs including puresaffron, vetiver essential oil, aloevera etc

    ·Kumkumadi cleanser helps in reductionof fine lines and age spots, neutralizes inflammation for softer, brighter,lustrous and more youthful skin.

    ·Passion indulge kumkumadi cleanser face wash helpsin reduction of acne, pimples, blackspots, black heads, evens skin tone,wrinkles, signs of ageing and makes skinglowing and brings lack lustre back for bridal look

    ·Extract based formulation free fromtoxins and harmful chemicals 100% ayurvedic product no side effects.

    ·100% Natural Ingredients | ClinicallyProven Actives | | 0% Artificial Fragrance | Cruelty-Free | Paraben Free | ForMen & Women | all skin types

    Natural ingredients of Kumkumadi

    ·Manjistha: Lightens Scars take out toxins

    ·Saffron: Lightening Skin tone fight Uneven Skin Tone

    ·Sandalwood: Helps with uneven Skin Conditions Like Acne,Eczema, Fights Ageing Factors.

    ·Vetiver: Regeneration and Boosting the growth of new cellsand Bestows and radiant Skin

    ·Aloe vera : packs a powerful moisturizing punch.

    Direction of Use:

    Wet face and hands. Take a smallamount of kumkumadi Face Cleanser over face and neck, avoiding the area aroundeyes and mouth. Rinse with cool water. Use once or twice daily.

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