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Skin Whitening and Spot Reduction Pearl Light Moisturizer - 50 Gm

Lemon and Chamomileessential oils in combination with Liquorice and Manjistha extracts along withvita complex (A,C,E,&F) in Jojoba oil is designed to moisturize the skinand help reduce pigmentation and diminish brown spots, freckles and other typeof skin discoloration. SPF 15 helps to protect the skin from damaging effectsof UV rays, and make the product also for day time use! Pearl light moisturiseris ideal product, it helps in Skin lightning, skin brightening, spot reductionand make skin supple and radiant. Pearl light moisturiser is free from anycolour and fragrance free.

Natural ingredients

·         Lemon & chamomile essential oil : Unclog pores, Energises and nourishes skin. 

·         Licorice Extract : Helps hyperpigmentation , Powerful antioxidant. 

·         Manjistha extract : Reduce dark spots, Glowing skin. 

·         Vita complex (A,C,E&F) :  Responsible for Nourishment, Hydration and healthy skin

·         Jojoba oil: oil helps retain moisture in the skin thereby keeping the skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Directions of Use:

 Take a small amount of Pearl light Moisturiser and gently apply on hand and face . Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Pearl Light Facial Oil for better results

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