Passion Indulge offers Private Label Manufacturing

Passion Indulge Pvt. Ltd. is an herbal cosmetic company which has made successful use of the Aromatherapy principles in their product range. Passion Indulge offers unique range of essential oils based natural herbal cosmetics in the skin care area and bath & body products. All the products are handcrafted, 100% vegetarian and natural.

Passion Indulge also offers a variety of essential oils in their purest form, which can be used in base shampoos and oils for exceptional hair care and in base creams and lotions for excellent results in skin care. These essential oils are also highly beneficial when used in natural or electric diffusers for enhancing positive energy and exerting a soothing and stress relieving effect on the mind.

All the products of Passion Indulge are EcoCert approved, and thus are environment friendly.

Passion Indulge is one of the leading private label/contract manufacturer and exporter of Natural/Organic Hair care, Face & Skin care, Bath & Body care, and Aroma & Wellness SPA Products. The company was established in 2008 Incorporating five years in the field of research in natural and organic cosmetic products as laid out in ancient Ayurvedic texts under the brand name Passion indulge and Private label under the brand name of select companies.

Passion Indulge Unique formulation acts in three ways.

1. Accelerates the natural healing process for Hair, Face, Skin and & Body.

2. Provides strong defense against the onset of ageing process.

3. Our product formulations work on the body, mind and soul.

We offer wide range of Natural cosmetics department like:-

  •    Soaps & Loofah Batch size :- 200kgs
  •    Body Wash Batch size :- 200kgs
  •    Body lotion Batch size :- 200kgs
  •    Face Wash & Moisturizers - Batch size :- 200kg
  •    Lipbalm :- Batch Size :- 100kgs
  •    Powders :- Batch size :- 100kgs
  •    Bathsalts :- Batch size :- 100kgs
  •    Oils :- Batch size :- 100kgs
  •    SPF protection sunscreen: - Batch size :- 200kgs
  •    Shampoos:- Batch size :- 200kgs
  •    Conditioners:- Batch size :- 200kgs

All the products are made from the raw materials that are Eco-cert approved. We are dully licensed by FDA Dept. Govt. of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) (India) “ under Ayurvedic proprietary medicines."

We follow G.M.P Norms.

  •    Quality Policy
  •    Health policy
  •    Safety policy
  •    Bio-diversity policy
  •    Work environment policy

OUR Commitments

We Do Not Use the Following Intgredients in our Products:


  •    Animal origin ingredients
  •    Genetically modified ingredients
  •    Toxic ingredients
  •    Synthetic color
  •    Synthetic perfume / fragrance
  •    Synthetic emollients
  •    Synthetic oil & fats
  •    Synthetic silicone
  •    SPetrolatum ingredients
  •    Nitrosamines
  •    Prohibited ionizing treatments
  •    SLS,Sulfate ,SLES

Our products are 100% Biodegradable and environmentally safe. We use 100% natural essential oil and we also sell scent free products.

Our products and raw materials have never been tested on animals.


Our Company is well equipped with State of Art quality control & quality assurance department. All products are of Natural Origin. The quality control methodology is carried out both inhouse and also with the help of outside sources as well so as to ensure the safety of the products on quality parameters. Some of the parameters on which, we check the quality of our range are :-

     Product Stability


     Chemical Analysis


     Allergy Test

     Use of right Composition, formulation and ingredients


We as an integrated business entity take complete care of the delivery of our consignment at the final destination. We provide delivery through air cargo and normal airmail or any other mode depending upon the client’s requirements and the destination to be reached.

With complete care towards manufacturing and assuring quality, our organization does not leave any stone unturned for storing our products safely. We make sure that all the products are stored under controlled temperature and are packed using quality material so as to maintain their safety till the time it reaches at the final destination.

Some of the esteemed clients with whom Passion Indulge is associated

  •      Stephanie Nobel – Sweden
  •      Goa De Rodrigo Cosmetics – Canada
  •      Omved – India
  •      Oriens Biocare Pvt. Ltd – India
  •      Tata Trend Limited .
  •      Chandra ‘s Essel Group – India