What is Kumkumadi Tailam? Expert Guide to Gaining a Glow

by Passion Indulge on Sep 26, 2023



Kumkumadi Facial oil is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal oil often used in skincare routines.

In our daily life, we deal with dark spots, pigmentation, and Acne marks, Pimples & a dull complexion.

Do you have so many Skin irritation and skin problems OR Acne-prone Skin ?? Whatever the problem is PASSION INDULGE has a Solution.

Kumkumadi Face serum is beneficial in various ways for each skin issue, it will give you the results and skincare that your skin needs.

PASSION INDULGE brings you the Best Serum For Glowing Skin:



Kumkumadi Oil OR Kumkumadi Thailam (Ingredients present in this Kumkumadi Tailam are the formulation of the original 16 Herbs Formula with Saffron and vetiver these ingredients are handpicked from nature's garden to deliver the best result.)


  • IMPROVES SKIN COMPLEXION (SKIN BRIGHTENING) : Enriched with saffron, Sandalwood, Turmeric & 16 Ayurvedic Herbs wirh healing & Rejuvenation qualities. Which treats issues like dark spots & pigmentation. 
  • SKIN HYDRATION:   Manjistha present in the Kumkumadi Facial oil hydrate and moisturize the skin with regular usage, It has natural moisturizing and conditioning properties. As it is also good For SKIN BRIGHTENING.
  • HEALS DAMAGED & INFLAMED SKIN: This unique blend of 16 Herbs also helps in healing Pimple marks, wounds, Acne Scars & Infections. Apart from that, the soothing properties of the oil also reduce burning sensation, itching, and rashes.
  • EVEN SKIN TONE & RADIANCE SKIN (SHINING): The herbs present in Kumkumadi Thailam have anti-bacterial & antioxidant qualities. Using this on a regular base promotes blood circulation & repairs damaged skin cells. It also improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and helps graceful aging.




Kumkumadi oil is beneficial for all skin types but it is advised that people having oily skin should use it in very minute quantities so that it will not make the skin Greasy.


Step-by-step guide on how to apply the Kumkumadi oil:

> Clean your face properly to remove any makeup residue.

> Wash your face using a Kumkumadi Cleanser

>  Take 4-5 drops of Kumkumadi Tailam in your hands and apply it all over your face, neck, and affected parts.

> Massage well for 2-3 minutes, so that the oil gets absorbed in the skin.

> Let it stay overnight for more beneficial effects.

> But people with oily skin can wash off after 3 hours to prevent a build-up of oil.




You can use kumkumadi oil in the following ways for your Skincare Routine

> Apply 2-3 drops on your face before moisturizing at night

> Apply 1-2 drops in your moisturizer for Nourishment & Radiance Glow 

> Add 4-5 drops of Kumkumadi Tailam to your face mask twice a week.



Kumkumadi Tailam has Formulation of 16 herbs along with Essential Oil, Saffron & Vetiver, Aloe vera, Shea kokum butter and a combination of vitamin complex (A,C, E & F) which helps to cleanse the skin & Imparts instant glow, shin and brightness.

Saffron which tones & gives radiance to the skin.
Sandalwood is powerful Antiseptic antimicrobial properties, its useful in clearing blackheads and dark spots, helps moisturize dry skin and relieves itching and inflammation.
Mulethi prevents the skin from Sun damage because regular exposure to the sun can cause dark spots & age spots.
Vetiver helps to reduce the scars and pigmentation.

Kumkumadi oil (Kumkumadi Tailam) is free of chemicals, parabens, and sulphate to take care of your skin naturally. This Kumkumadi oil is scientifically proven to reduce acne, blemishes, dark circles, dark spots and pigmentation while improving skin tone. It is totally based on Ayurvedic concepts and heals the skin in a slow, sustained manner.

Sometimes due to lack of Time & proper knowledge we turn to cosmetics that give instant results, But our skin needs are unique Kumkumadi Oil Can help you In an appropriate manner and can result in naturally glowing skin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Here You can find your concern base product from our KUMKUMADI RANGE: