About Us

About Passion Indulge

Passion Indulge Pvt Ltd is a Aromatherapy Based Herbal Cosmetic Company.Passion Indulge offers high quality, natural, handcrafted, vegetarian therapeutic cosmetics based on the healing power of essential The Products at Passion Indulge are conceptualized and developed under the guidance of our Ayurvedic & Cosmetic Dr. & Experts. Our experts through their constant research on natural cosmetics ingredients, especially the pure essential oils, provide the healing range of natural cosmetics! Our product range is completely based on simple principle of “Do your bit for Mother Earth”; all the ingredients in Passion Indulge range are carefully selected from the Natural Ingredient List of Eco-Cert.


"The Philosophy at Passion Indulge has always been to develop products using natures scent & raw material provided by nature.The products are simple yet effective and targeted for optimum benefits physically and psychologically. We strongly believe in the healing power of Natural aromas. Our products retain nature’s harmonious simplicity and offer excellent healing effect on body, mind and soul."

Vision & Mission

Vision of Passion Indulge

To become one of the leading conscious brands, offering targeted
solutions in the segment of beauty and wellness in India and globally.

Mission of Passion Indulge

To provide sustainable, authentic, and holistic solutions for skin, hair and body care
using the principals of aromatherapy under Ayurveda and plant science. 

Core Values of Products

  • One of the few brands in India using PLANT BASED - ECO CERT based raw materials in products (ECO Cert is a French body giving Certificates to natural ingredients).
  • Passion Indulge’s products are PETA certified and are VEGAN.
  • Products are made from Vegetarian sources using aromatic essential oils which are known for its therapeutic use.
  • Products does not contain any harmful chemicals, Artificial preservatives, parabens, pthalates or artificial fragrances.
  • Products are based on ancient art of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy principles in modern format.
  • Products are present in Bath & Body, Skin Care , Hair Care and Facial care Segments.